Shippensburg Band 2021

The Shippensburg Band, directed by Carl Sponenberg, is a community band that has gathered many individuals from Shippensburg, PA and surrounding area to make music and share it with others. The band is a dynamic group of young and old from all walks of life, some with degrees in music and/or music education, but most participants are amateurs.

A variety of pieces from the Band’s library is presented at every concert, including marches, classical transcriptions, patriotic tunes, Broadway show tunes, folk music, contemporary works, light opera and hits from the big band era. The concerts are popular, often due to the patriotic appeal of the music and performance and the variety of styles that are presented.

Since 1922, the Shippensburg Band has been a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization benefiting the Borough of Shippensburg and its neighboring communities.

The Band in 1925

Each year, the Band presents its Spring Concert in March or April and a Fall Concert in November, drawing a responsive audience from the community. Fans can watch the band perform at more than 25 events each year which may include:

  • Concerts in the Park (Gettysburg, Chambersburg, Shippensburg, surrounding communities)
  • Memorial Day Service at Middle Spring Presbyterian Church
  • Independence Day Ceremonies
  • Shippensburg Fair Vespers Services
  • Shippensburg Corn Festival
  • Many nursing homes and health care facilities throughout the area.

The Shippensburg Band has gathered many individuals from the Shippensburg, PA and surrounding communities to make music and share it with others. It is a dynamic group of young and old from all walks of life. The band has survived over the years because of good leadership, the dedication of its members, and excellent community support. We continue to return to the community our quality entertainment enjoyed by people of all ages.

The Band provides area musicians with the opportunity to expand or continue their experience in the performing arts with the ultimate purpose of making live, symphonic and ensemble music accessible to all segments of the community.

All area musicians with at least a Middle School music background are welcome to participate.

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