Historical Society celebrates Shippensburg Band’s 100th anniversary

Shippensburg Historical Society Display
A display in the Shippensburg Historical Society shows a phot of the Shippensburg Band for a 1966 Mother’s Day Concert, along with an old clarinet, in celebration of the band’s 100th anniversary.


Current members of the Shippensburg Town Band partnered with representatives of the Shippensburg Historical Society to display some band artifacts that have been collected over the years.

Intern Kai Sayers said band members donated items, like uniforms, instruments, photos and programs to be displayed in the historical society. The exhibit will remain in place for about a year.

“The exhibit shows the band’s history and the role it has played in the community over the last 100 years,” Sayers said. “I really liked seeing the uniforms and how they have evolved over the years. My favorite piece in the exhibit is a uniform from the 1920s that includes embroidery and designs. It’s a blend of military and police, and it’s almost reminiscent of Civil War uniforms with the construction of the jackets.”

Barb Fisher of the band’s centennial committee, who has played clarinet in the band for 30 years, donated the large banner, patches, uniforms and other related items to the exhibit. She said Friday she is excited to be part of a group that has such deep roots in the community, bringing the community together through music.

Other displays you can visit include the Coy Public Library and a window display at Dance Academy XIV on King Street.

The Town Band will perform a special 100th anniversary concert at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, May 1, in the Shippensburg Church of the Brethren, 253 E. Garfield St., Shippensburg. Admission and parking are free; donations will be accepted (the Shippensburg Band is a nonprofit organization). The band is currently directed by Carl Sponenberg.

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